Computers inspired by Computers!

Blaise and I made this video yesterday because we really liked "Kittens inspired by kittens!"

It was a collaborative effort between the two of us. He made up half of the comments and I made up half. It is not that hard to guess which ones are which. He was not forced or pressured to do it in any way. The Kittens inspired by kittens video has been a favorite around here since we saw it, and is quoted constantly by both of my kids. They also love Icanhazcheeseburger and understand the humor.

They are both super nerds already and enjoy and understand a good bit of computer related humor. Memes spread around our home very quickly. We had a blast making it, and we just wanted to share the fun.

The voice in the background was his brother and mom letting us know they were leaving for soccer practice, not coaching him.

Here is the inspiration.