Purple Prose - Amethyst

In the early 90s I would host live shows at Standard (my record store). I would receive a number of press kits from bands that were on tour. I always looked forward to getting the mail and seeing what these bands would write in their bios. There was a feature in some indie music magazine (the name eludes me right now) called "Purple Prose". It would feature the best of these horrendous bios. It was one of my favorite features in that magazine.

Amethysts' bio was one I received that was so particularly horribly that I've kept it all of these years. I now share it with you.
This picture cracks me up! What are they looking at??!!

I wish that I had kept their demo.

The Concept:

Amethyst is not only a musical group, it is a philosophy. An ideal composed of five unique artists whose sole desire is to create music that is not only audibly pleasurable, but also fulfilling to perform- music that stretches the boundaries of creativity, abandoning the typical and cliche. Wearing their influences upon their sleeves, they transcend the scope of their contemporaries, creating a kaleidoscope of classical, jazz, caribbean, East Indian, and hard rock styles, without compromising for the commercial mainstream. Coupled with provocative lyrics and enchanting melodies, Amethyst makes their philosophy a reality by creating something that is truly unique.