How to extract, email, tweet, use an audio file sent via text or sms from an iphone

I just figured out how to access an audio message received as an attachment via a text message or SMS on an iPhone.
  1. while the text is visible in the Messages app, click "Edit" at the top right of the screen.
  2. Select the text with the attached Memo
  3. at the bottom of the screen you will now have the option to "Forward" the message.
  4. Email it to yourself or post it to your chirbit account to audio tweet it.
The audio will be attached to your email as a .amr file [It is converted to .amr from .m4a, the messages' original format] .amr seems to be more compatible with most other phones. I am going to test uploading the file to chirbit. I am guessing it should work. Instead of emailing it to the address, you would email it to with your 4 number pin in the beginning of the message body. I'll update this post later with my test, and with some photos.